FWTG MN Tournaments Dec/Jan

There are Two MN FWTG pinball tournaments coming up (Dec/Jan).

Round 1 Dec 13th, 2015 at Blainbrook Bowl (noon)
Round 2 Jan 10th, 2016 at Blainbrook Bowl (noon)
General FWTG IFPA information.


Some additional tournament info from BFG:

Random draw double elimination best two of three. Coin flip determines game or order choice for first game and loser picks after that.  All games are in play, but no waiting for games already in play will be allowed.

Game choice in first round will be top-down from the first bracket, and bottom-up for the next round, etc. All game choice, malfunction and other rulings are up to TD discretion and all decisions are final.  A $30 entry fee (medallion purchase) is required to enter the MN FWTG tournament at BB.

The winner will get a slot machine (the winner of the January event will get a big prize as well but I’m not sure what that is yet), and we have some autographed Alice Cooper and Ditka stuff as well.

The winners will also get an entry into the Alice Cooperstown event at the end of January. The winners of both tourneys will play off in a best of three series for a pick of another bigger prize from the Gridiron support website here:


  • Alice Cooperstown event will be a weekend of tournaments with the final event grand prize of a new in box pinball!