2016 BB Fall League

Hello all, Fall Pinball league is fast approaching.


When: Beginning: Wednesday September 7th, 2016
Time: First night 6:30, then 7:30 pm(floating Start time possible)
Where: BlainBrook Bowl Family Entertainment Center
Who can join: Any skill level, any age, anyone that loves pinball.
Cost: $30
15$ of fee will payout end of regular season, all positon payout amount based off of entrants.
15$ goes for payout for end of year tournament(payout all positions & amounts based off of entrants)
This will be an 11 week season, 10 weeks of random group play with the top 8 score earners from previous week squaring off for the season and  the 11th week for award banquet and end of season tournament.

Two bye weeks, one for Expo and 1one for the Week of Thanksgiving.
Format: 5 random games will be selected each week
Random groups of 4 will be selected each week with the top 8 Point earners from previous week squaring off each week.
1st week will be completely random, the top eight point’s earner pair up each week after that.
Points are as follows:

1st = 5 points
2nd = 3 points
3rd = 2 points
4th = 1 points

Each player will also have a chance at earning a 1/2 bonus point for reaching a predetermined goal score on each of the machines played. Player can also earn yet an additional 1/2 point for an overall top 4 score on each machine played for that week
Points will be tallied weekly and posted online so league players can track their ranking and earned point progress.
This is a fun but yet friendly, competitive league and we all pitch in to support and help each other improve on a weekly basis.
IFPA points are in play, rules and Yellow Flag will be enforced. (If you don’t know what this means, this will be explained in more detail week 1).
League organizer: Ted Broske

Come join in the fun