Silverball Saturday Information





Join us for our monthly pinball tournaments  at Blainbrook Bowl, on the Second Saturday of each month.

The qualifying times for 2019 are 11:00am until 3:00pm and will be completed on a random bank of 5 selected machines. An additional side tourney that will not receive IFPA points will also be available for participants called the ONE CRACK that will be played on a random bank of 3 selected machines.
The number of games per round will be 4 for each elimination round and the number of players may effect number of groups and players per group.  The scoring system of 4, 2, 1 and 0 will be used in elimination rounds as well as snaked placement of players. There will also be a $1 participation fee along with adherence to IFPA rules.
Every participant receives a free drink ticket too!
Plus, at a minimum of six events this year, translites will be given away along with any additional swag manufacturers or vendors send our way!

Hope to see you here and remember, Nudging Aint Tilting!

Any questions, just ask the Tournament Director.

All tournament players will also receive a free drink token/ticket.