Silverball Saturday Information






Join us for our monthly pinball tournaments  at Blainbrook Bowl, on the Second Saturday of each month.  Qualifying for the tournament starts at 2:00pm. All Qualifying entries must be submitted by 4:45pm. Tournament playoffs will start at 5:00pm.We will be taking the top 17 with a first round bye for top qualifier.

IFPA points in play.
18 on down will play ‘B’ division.

We then will break into 4 groups of 4.(number of players may effect number of groups and players per group)

The top seed in each group will have their choice of any 3 games from a random picked bank of 5 machines.

Top seed in each group will also get to pick where they will play
in the order for first game , then second highest picks where
they play and so on.

The player that finishes last will get to pick first where they
will play in order for second game, 3rd picks and so on.

The top seed player will hold tie breaker if they are tied for
points going into round two for 2nd highest postiob(remember #1
seed has a bye).

I.E-seed 2 is tied with seed 6-tie breaker will be based off of
original seeding.
Exception- if seed 2 is tied with seed 6 and is for last spot in
round 2/3 Higher seed will get to pick tie breaking game, from a list of three games.

It is the players responsibility to make sure that they are playing their ball, If you plunge another players ball you will be disqualified on that game.
It is the players responsibility who pressing the start button that they make sure they enter the right amount of players.
Infractions of any of the above will result in a DQ on that particular machine.
This will make this ruling consistent and take out any possibility of favoritism.
Any questions on the above, please feel free to ask.

All tournament players will receive a free drink token.

IFPA points awarded.

BlainBrook Championship points will be awarded to all who participate.

Yellow Flag is in play.
Ted Broske